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Woodstockholm is a place where flavors and meetings are created without regard to traditional boundaries. It is a place where we want everyone to feel welcome and be able to enjoy food and drinks in a warm, playful and beautiful environment. We work with a dynamic menu that changes regularly – always built up around different themes.

We have a large selection of quality wines, often from smaller producers with high standards of sustainability and non-toxic production. Our alcohol-free product range is extensive and constantly evolving.
Please let us know if you have special dietary needs and we will do our best to meet these! Vegetarian food is not an option, it is a natural part of every Woodstockholm menu.

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Current theme: IZAKAYA

Let’s go to Tokyo and have a glance at Omoide Yokocho, one of many alleyways in the mega metropolis dedicated to bars and izakayas, packed next to each other like matchboxes. During daytime there is barely anything to see here: The shutters are rolled down and the shop signs are dark. A couple of crows caw in the distance, and a suit-clad salaryman hurries by to his office. But at dusk he will return to “Memory Lane”, perhaps to celebrate, or to hide from life for a night? Lanterns are lit by the hundreds, “noren” curtains are hung up, and from millions of chicken skewers steam and smoke billows out over the cobblestones, to the sounds of clacking heels and clinking glasses.

Japan is a country that has fascinated and inspired many of us for a long time, but just like previous themes, neither this time will we try to do the impossible – to create a “real” Japanese menu, or some yokocho microcosm. Rather, we want to present a non-authentic neo-izakaya in true Woodstockholm spirit. In our fridges, wines get to share the space with sake, and on the plate some things will be recognized from the alleys of Tokyo, while others may have gone astray among history and popular culture. Time rushes past and stands still at the same time. Invite your friends and colleagues, and greet early spring together, with a beer, a highball and some food.


Izakaya theme
Izakaya menu
Dessert from the Astrology theme
Chicken liver

During evenings our former furniture store is transformed into a gastronomic fairy tale room at Mosebacke Torg! This spectacular room is designed by Uglycute and connected to Woodstockholm Bistro through a secret passage. All furnishings are handmade and specifically designed for the room.

Woodstockholm’s separate dining room offers a tasting menu of 7 dishes, prepared by your designated chef for the evening and accompanied by the wines our sommeliers choose for you. Groups of up to 14 people can book the room. Welcome to a unique experience!



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