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Woodstockholm is a place where flavors and meetings are created without regard to traditional boundaries. It is a place where we want everyone to feel welcome and be able to enjoy food and drinks in a warm, playful and beautiful environment. We work with a dynamic menu that changes regularly – always built up around different themes.

We have a large selection of quality wines, often from smaller producers with high standards of sustainability and non-toxic production. Our alcohol-free product range is extensive and constantly evolving.
Please let us know if you have special dietary needs and we will do our best to meet these! Vegetarian food is not an option, it is a natural part of every Woodstockholm menu.

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Current theme: 36 STARS

There’s much one can say about Guide Michelin, for example: that it only represents a fraction of the World’s food cultures, and ”forgets” about nearly the entire southern hemisphere, or that of all the talented and award-winning chefs on Earth, only about a dozen that have been awarded with three stars are women. That it appears to encourage restaurateurs to turn food into something much more expensive and more complicated than it needs to be, and that those so called ”stars” don’t even look like stars to begin with, but more like little flowers drawn by kindergartners.

Without a doubt there is a lot of both talent and love of food behind all the prestige and vanity; the last time we took on the three-starred top tier of the Guide, there were almost only guys on the menu – this time we flip the burger and zoom in on that dozen of women, who also ever since the time of the Michelin brothers have proven that they more than well deserve all of what that third star promises. Still, we’re in the midst of rumourous events such as royal weddings, Basque gastronomical societies closed to all but men, molecular gastronomers and hot-tempered French cooking pioneers, but as always with our own customary laid back attitude. And maybe also with the hopes of raising some of the more overlooked parts of cooking history to the surface …

How do we do it? Welcome to sit down and find out, from Wednesday 17 April!

Dessert from the Astrology theme
Chicken liver

During evenings our former furniture store is transformed into a gastronomic fairy tale room at Mosebacke Torg! This spectacular room is designed by Uglycute and connected to Woodstockholm Bistro through a secret passage. All furnishings are handmade and specifically designed for the room.

Woodstockholm’s separate dining room offers a tasting menu of 7 dishes, prepared by your designated chef for the evening and accompanied by the wines our sommeliers choose for you. Groups of up to 14 people can book the room. Welcome to a unique experience!



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